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Елена Махно

Продакт менеджер, маркетинг менеджер, бизнес девелопмент менеджер


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Helena Makhno – marketing specialist with working experience in Ukrainian and CIS-countries pharmaceutical market. My main activity is providing of marketing support of full medicine’s life cycle. The focus of product list is oncology, gynecology, anti-infective and OTC portfolio.

Personal Details:
Date of birth: 27.05.1983
E-mail: Helena.makhno@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +3 8 067 220 79 78
Skype: h_makhno

Career Objective: Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Associate, Business Development Manager, Business Insights Manager in pharmaceutical company, Marketing Assistant.


10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical marketing

6 years’ experience in marketing researches

Career from medical representative to senior marketing manager in pharmaceutical industry

Multidisciplinary approach in decision-making

Understanding of specialists’ and customers’ needs & trends of Ukrainian and CIS- markets.

Experience of 15 launches from selecting INN to product presence on drugstores’ shelves and possessing the significant market share.

Excellent skills of project management in strictly limited terms

Strong team management skills with over 4 years’ experience of field force work with 250 MR and over 3 year experience of head of marketing & sales department.

Advanced experience in product management: brand development in areas of oncology, gynecology, neurology, anti-infective, OTC. Good medical knowledge of these science areas specific.

Confident skills of business planning including product selecting, forecasting, budget and marketing planning.

Good knowledge of marketing research’ methodology and analytics.

Deep understanding of supply chain process, drug registration, pharmacovigilance.

Strong analytical skills, ability to interpret data and implement it in business process

Strategic thinking skills

High experience in communication with Key Opinion Leaders, distributors and pharmacy management.

Good knowledge of care guidelines, clinical evidence base.

Good skills in developing of marketing materials.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work as a part of an integrated team as well as independently.

Advanced knowledge of MS Office especially Excel and Power Point.

Fluent English, good knowledge of medical and marketing terminology

Employment History:
Position Senior sales & marketing manager
2014 – 2015 Alvogen http://www.alvogen.com/ (Ukrainian office of multinational pharmaceutical company), Kiev, Ukraine
Functional duties
• Market analysis.
• Budget planning for 5-year cycle for all product portfolio, marketing & financial operations of the company.
• Development of sales in and sales out planes for sales department.
• Supply chain planning and coordination of sales force work with national distributors and main pharmacy nets.
• Product selecting, deep analysis of competitors environment.
• Price-formation.
• Forming and development of a positive brand image
• Design of clients’ and customers’ oriented promotional actions.
• Marketing-planning, media-planning, design of PR-company, CEO&SMM.
• Collaboration with advertising & PR-agencies.
• Development of initial and regular educational program for staff, sales force training & coaching.
• Launch management.
• Brand manager functional duties for oncology group of products.
Throughout working in the company I was responsible for the creation, development and maintenance of whole marketing mix of products at all stages of their life cycle. Tasks performed both by myself and by management of the team of qualified managers of the marketing department and sales field forces.
Professional achievements
• Launch of more than 15 new for UA market generic products
• Obtaining and holding of significant market share for each launched product
• Coaching of medical representatives with change of their sales habits
• Developing of staff incentive scheme based on KPI for all employees of marketing department
• The achievement of marketing objectives being under budget
Referees Andrey Astakhov, CEO of Ukraine office, mob. +3 8 050 323 41 91, e-mail Andrey.Astakhov@alvogen.com (my immediate manager)

Positions Marketing manager, Senior product manager Rx-group, Product manager Rx-group
2011 — 2014 Concern APF LLC (marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals), Kiev, Ukraine
Functional duties
• Market analysis (SWOT, PEST, analysis of direct and indirect competitors’ promo activity, assessment of product marketing mix);
• Sales plan design in packs and money (per 5-year, 1 year, month-period, regionally and personally) per all product portfolio;
• Development of the marketing plan, organization and supervision of its realization by field staff:
• writing and current correction of campaign-book on Rx-products and food supplements for field forces;
• creation of promo materials, reprints etc. including technically simple design work;
• organization and providing of promotional activities (presentations, conferences);
• work with KOLs: initiation of writing and editing of articles, their conference presentations as a speaker, conducting of post-marketing studies;
• planning and holding of promo actions (coaching of MR, cooperation with clients, stepwise monitoring of all stages of the action);
• Budgeting costs (field force’s salary, bonuses/fines, travel expenses, inventory turnover);
• KPI-development and implementation as instrument of measurement of sales force effectiveness
• Implementation of corporative strategy in field forces;
• Recruitment and training of MR (introductory and ongoing training, coaching)
• Preparing of content, organization and holding of cycle meetings on the basis of half year, year results;
• Participation in the registration of new products (writing and editing of instructions, branding);
• Counting and monitoring of optimal stocks on the company»s warehouse and wholesalers’ warehouses;
• Coordination of the marketing department employees’ work.
My main task as product manager was planning, developing and organizing promotion activities and advertising campaigns to support sales objectives
Professional achievements
• Twofold increasing of sales volumes between 2012 and 2013
• Obtaining more than 50% market share for key products
• Renewing of marketing collateral for sales team
• Developing of effective sales strategy based on long term loyalty programme for patients
Referees Andrey Astakhov, CEO, mob. +3 8 050 323 41 91, e-mail Andrey.Astakhov@alvogen.com (my immediate manager)
Position Product manager (nootropic drugs)
2011 – 2011 «OLFA» Ltd (pharmaceutical marketing and distribution) http://olfa.ua/, Kiev, Ukraine

Functional duties
• Elaboration and implementation of the concept of promotion of RX and OTC nootropic drugs:
• working out and realization of the marketing plan;
• analysis of the competitive environment;
• analysis of sales dynamics of drugs target segment;
• creation of presentations, content for visits of medical representatives, round tables, ambulatory conferences;
• planning and organization of medical conferences;
• elaboration and organization of production of promo materials for the visit (design, content);
• partnership with national and regional KOLs;
• organization of drug post marketing researches;
• carrying of the initial and ongoing training of medical representatives.
The focus of my tasks as product manager in this company was maintenance of ATL and BTL advertising within time and budget constraints for supporting business growth and development.
Professional achievements
• Elaboration of basic presentations on supervised drug in a short time on the basis of the primary material (pre-clinical studies, the Cochrane data base on the active substances, etc.).
• Restore of broken relationships with KOL on the drug Olatropil keeping to the schedule of participation in national / regional conferences.
• Positive sales growth of drugs in comparison with the first half of 2011 and the same period of 2010.
Position Chief of the department of projects’ support (field force manager)
2008 – 2011 Medical Data Management (marketing researches provider) http://mdmworld.com/, Kiev, Ukraine
Functional duties
• Organization and carrying of field stage of quantitative research projects;
• Writing of instructions, technical tasks for each research project;
• Recruitment, introductory and current training of supervisors (regional field managers);
• Count and charge of salary for field workers;
• Primary control of questionnaires’ quality and logics of filling;
• Organization of pilot interviews;
• Realization of double, blind visits with interviewers;
• Organization of telephone control of field staff working (development of the control criteria, selection of the questionnaires for back-check, realization of telephone interview);
• Organization and carrying of qualitative research projects;
• Medical consulting in drafting of questionnaires, massive cleaning, during report writing
Professional achievements
• Team Building of Field Service from scratch.
• Expanding the coverage from 15 to 35 — 40 cities in Ukraine. Achieving the capabilities of the interview in any locality.
• Development and implementation of unified communication and quality standards for the interviewers.
• Achieving the target dates of the field phase of research, including the possibility of the complete and qualitative field phase of interrogation for 1 day.
• Independent management of team consisting of more than 250 employees.
• Maintenance upon 10,000 quantitative interviews monthly.
Position Moderator (qualitative researches)
2008 – 2011 Medical Data Management, Kiev, Ukraine
Functional duties
• moderating of deep interview and focus-groups with doctors of different specialties, key opinion leaders, patients, pharmacy workers (more than 200 interview);
• using of projective methods in interview;
• writing of guides, screeners for carrying of deep interview and focus-groups, reports on results of qualitative research projects.
The main interest of this position was providing whole cycle of marketing research to identify market opportunities for new and existing goods and services. I was involved in analysing data regarding consumer patterns and preferences, interpreting and predicting current and future consumer trends, researching potential demand and market characteristics for new goods and services and collecting and analysing data and other statistical information.
Professional achievements
• The skill to find common language and achieve the research objectives in discussion with district doctors as generalists, as well as with leading experts on a national scale in any area of medicine.
• Ability to prepare, organize and conduct a complete cycle of qualitative market research independently.
Referees Nadya Vorushilo, Chair, mob. +3 8 050 323 41 91, e-mail Nadya.Vorushilo@mdmworld.com (my immediate manager)
Position Supervisor
2006 – 2008 Medical Data Management, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Functional duties
• recruiting and training the staff of interviewers;
• carrying out the projects in Dnepropetrovsk region: distribution of the volume of work according to the quotas and attended territory among the command of interviewers;
• development of the territory, stocking of database of medical institutions and physicians of the city;
• control of maintenance of project’s terms;
• participation in organization of focus-groups, recruiting of respondents;
• drawing up the accounts;
• financial calculation and payment for interviewers.
Professional achievements
• Position of the leader of the team of supervisors on the timing and quality of project closure during the entire period of work.
• Participation in training for the supervisors as a coach.
Position Manager of hospital direction
2007 – 2007 Medcom-Ukraine (national distributor of medical devices) http://www.medcom.kiev.ua/, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Functional duties
• search of potential clients for purchases of medical devices (further MD) for budgetary and other means, for stimulation of sales through hospital drugstores;
• participation in tender purchases, drawing up the tender documentation;
• promotion of MD in medical institutions and hospital drugstores: individual and group presentations;
• group presentations in pharmaceutical networks;
• carrying out trainings for other collaborators of the company dedicated to the variety of MD;
• drawing up the working and account documentation;
• control of variety list of MD at a regional warehouse;
• control of client’s financial discipline;
• carrying out client’s database.
Professional achievements
• Collection and categorization of the customer base of Dnepropetrovsk region.
• Conclusion the agreement of purchases of MD by private and public hospitals of Dnepropetrovsk region.
• Establishment of long-term and trusting relationship with clients.
Position Medical nurse
2005 – 2003 Regional Clinical Hospital named after I. Mechnikov, department of suppurative-septic surgery; Children’s City Hospital №2, cardio-pulmonary department; Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Educational qualifications:
Admission year Graduation year Education institution / Faculty Speciality / Qualification
2000 2006 Dniepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, I medical faculty http://www.dsma.dp.ua/for-foreign
speciality “Medical Work”, qualification – doctor
2006 2008 Dniepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, internship speciality “General practice – family medicine”, qualification — specialist
2008 2010 Dniepropetrovsk University of Economics and Law, Faculty of Marketing http://duep.edu/en
qualification – specialist in marketing

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