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Киев 58 лет

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Qualifications and Skills:

  • Expertise in Certifications and Registration of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices, European Union requirements (GDP/GSP), and the Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS).
  • Expert in the import and export, transportation and warehouse logistics and distribution.
  • Experienced in demand planning and forecasting of procurement to support manufacturing and distribution.
  • Extensive experience and flexibility in communicating and resolving issues with domestic and European Authorities.
  • Extensive international experience of creating supply systems from the ground up.
  • Experienced and confident manager of any team, project, process, or department.
  • Excellent presentation skills and staff coaching. The Highest degree of computer literacy and competency in leveraging computer software and Internet technologies to achieve goals or implement the best solution possible, incl. the ERP System.
    Trilingual: English / Russian / Ukrainian

Опыт работы:

Demand & Supply Manager
с 11.2018 - по 08.2019 ( 9 месяцев)

Leko Style LLC  (Киев)
Производители и их представители

  • Looking for new and working with existing vendors concerning purchasing of substanses, components, raw material and facilities for supply manufacturing.

    Demand and forecasting.

    Cooperation with logistics operators for arrange delivery of purchased products to Ukraine. Supply customs clearance process and conversation with authorities.

    Credit Management and control for payment to Suppliers.

    Contracts management flow.

    Operations and reporting into corporative ERP system.

    Export support operations.

Logistics Manager
с 06.2017 - по 12.2017 ( 6 месяцев)

TECHNOMEDEX GROUP, LTD., Kiev, Ukraine  (Киев)
Перевозки, логистика, склад, ВЭД

  • Improved procurements procedures from the best worldwide manufacturers of ophthalmology equipment and consumables. Also, procurements of professional cosmetics.

    Arranged of deliveries and customs clearance to Ukraine of products from foreign vendors.

    Managed of international purchasing contacts.

    Provided Certification of Medical Devices (MDs) and professional cosmetics.

    Oversaw for Warehouse operations and distribution activities.

Head of Supply Chain, Quality Assurance and Customer Service Dept. Former Head of RA Division
- (1 год)

JSC Humanity – Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia  (Другие страны)
Производители и их представители

  • Provided guidance and supervision for a complex project business plan, which was created and presented to the Georgian Government’s Partner Fund.

    Was instrumental in forming the local Department for Registration of Pharmaceutical Drugs and started the process of state registration of pharmaceutical products in Georgia.

    Purchased of working standards (WS) for registration purposes.

    Selected and prepared a warehouse suitable for storage of pharmaceuticals.

    Set up warehouse storage for medications controlled by the MOH— narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

    Was the driving force behind the creation of Department of Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, and Customer Service (Department of SC, QA, and CS), which employs eight people.

    Successfully implemented the European Union requirements (GDP/GSP) for storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products.

    Created and implemented SOPs for Department’s activities.

    Created GDP/GSP education program; Staff professional assessed and certified.

    Arranged for quality control of finished Pharmaceutical products in WHO’s certified laboratories out of Georgia.

    Proceed of import medications for humanitarian aid purposes.

Supply Chain Manager
- (5 лет)

UCB Pharma GmbH – Representative Office in Ukraine and Moldova, Kiev, Ukraine  (Киев)
Производители и их представители

  • Managed distribution and commercial activity. Participated in tenders for hospital sales.

    Managed contracts and changes to them. Was in charge of Logistics and the delivery of product to distributors (incl. cold-chain). Was in charge of the internal stock inventory.

    Improved of demand planning for high-volume manufacturing and products range.

    Organized product market access management, resolved of quality and certification, all regulatory and registration issues.

    Managed for price registration of company’s pharmaceuticals in the Republic of Moldova.  

    Selected a Bonded Warehouse (BW), audited of potential 3PL providers.


Logistics Manager / Head of Logistics Dept.
- (2 года)

LVMH Ukraine (Seldico Ukraine), Kiev, Ukraine  (Киев)
Прочие организации

  • Managed all Logistics Dept. activities.

    Implemented of effective distribution of perfumes and cosmetics by leading brands.

    Optimized the delivery system of product to be sent directly to distributors in Kiev.

    Conducted negotiations with a 3PL logistic provider to lower the service costs.

    Implemented “Grey Code” decoding process on the 3PL provider’s side.

    Managed all activities against counterfeit products.


Logistics Manager
- (11 лет)

Прочие организации

Senior Teacher: Theory and Methodics, Dept. of Physical Education
- (8 лет)

National State University of Physical Education and Sports, Kiev, Ukraine  (Киев)
Образование /Библиотеки




Kiev State Institute Of Physical Culture, Kiev, Ukraine, 1988  (Киев )

Год окончания  1998

Five-year Diploma with Honors (Master of Arts Equivalent), Teacher / Coach of Shooting Sport

G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology, Kiev, Ukraine, 1998

(National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine)

Graduate degree in psychophysiology (Aspirantura).
Kiev State Institute Of Physical Culture, Kiev, Ukraine, 1988

Five-year Diploma with Honors (Master of Arts Equivalent), Teacher / Coach of Shooting Sport



Владение языками:

Українська - свободно
Могу проходить собеседование на этом языке

Английский - свободно
Могу проходить собеседование на этом языке

Русский - свободно
Могу проходить собеседование на этом языке

Курсы, тренинги, сертификаты :

APICS (USA) - CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management),  (Киев)

Год окончания 2015


Quality Risk Management.  (Киев)

Год окончания 2014


GxP: Documents Flow of Medical Drugs Importer. Importer dossier, warehouse requirements, SOPs. Kiev,  (Киев)

Год окончания 2013

Pharmaceuticals System of Quality (PQS) and Content:  (Киев)

Год окончания 2013

System for Eliminate deviations, managing of Changing, Correction and Preventive Actions (CAPA). 


Theory and practice GMP/GDP+GSP.  (Киев)

Год окончания 2013

Quality Assurance of medicine drugs during it storages and wholesale trade. Key points and rules of audit wholesale warehouse. 


GDP/GSP in Distributor’s Quality System.  (Киев)

Год окончания 2012

Intellectual Property in the Pharmaceutical Market.  (Киев)

Год окончания 2012

Validation of pharmaceutical manufacture.  (Киев)

Год окончания 2012

ERP «IBM CPPS» - IBM EMEA, Vienna, Austria, 1999  (Другие страны)

Год окончания 1999

«Parts Logistic Course», IBM IMPL, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1998  (Другие страны)

Год окончания 1998


An accomplished, goal-oriented, and energetic professional with 20+ years of experience in the field of Logistics, International Purchasing, and Supply Chain management with pharmaceutical and hi-tech companies. Proven track record of support of increasing sales, implementation of standard operation procedures, cost reduction, searching and finding newer and better solutions for more effective business management.

References Available Upon Request


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