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                                Mobile: +9989053748955   Email: singhmpr@yahoo.comSkype : maninder.singkh


JOB OBJECTIVE: Enthusiastic, hardworking sales professional seeking to obtain a challenging marketing position providing professional career growth in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. 




· A dynamic professional with over 12 years of rich experience in Strategy Planning, Business Development, Distribution, Operation Management, Marketing, Product Promotion in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.

· A keen planner with proven abilities in devising strategies to augment business, streamline distribution networks, promote products for business excellence.

· Verifiable year to year success in achieving revenue and business growth objectives in highly competitive environments.

· Highly successful in seizing control of critical problem areas and delivering on client commitments.

· Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills with proven abilities leading motivated teams towards achieving organizational goals.

· Key skills in:

Ø Implementing the Company Values, Mission, Vision and Strategies.

Ø Defining and analysis of market share, product sales, profitability and other key indicators which support decision-making within the company and reaching the financial result: growth and profitability, other operational targets.

Ø Recruiting, building, and motivating a big successful team of people from diverse backgrounds and levels. Development of the Department’s staff, organizational structure, business culture and processes.

Ø Product registration, effective distribution & product promotion in the field of oncology, AIDS, dermatology, gynecology and OTC group.

Ø Achieving growth objectives of the company through development of high value, innovative products.

· Core functional strengths in:

§ Strategy Planning

§ Business Development

§ Channel Management

§ Distribution

§ Receivable Management

§ Client Relationship Management

§ Operation Management

§ New Market Development

§ Marketing

§ Product Promotions


§ Training


§ People Management





         Since Sep’13 till now – Agio Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Current Position-National Sales Manager-Uzbekistan

            Since Sep’2013, functioning as NSM in the territory of Uzbekistan and handling the team of 22 MSR»s. Conducting training on products and improving marketing and sales skills, understanding the market tendency. Personally developing the key doctor;s as well as sub-distributors.


         May07-july’13 Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd- Ukraine


    Joined Bharat serums & vaccines The position was Based at Odessa and was responsible for marketing and sales activities in most of the major cities in ukraine. As a BDM was handling  the other major CIS countries such  as Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,Moldova, Uzbekistan(Registration of products, Finalization of distributors,Marketing & Sales, TM & Patents etc)

· Achieved  consistent growth in sales of amphotericin B (ampholip) as well as gonadotropins ( Humog, formon,Hucog)

· Successfully converted renowned IVF clinics to regular clients.


April’05 –May 07 in Appolo Pharma (kyiv) – Ukraine


A leading distributing company based at kyiv and having chain network throughout the territory of Ukraine. As a regional sales and marketing head of south region Handled the entire team of RSM»s and MSR»s for the given region  in sales, distribution and promotion of products.


Steering initiatives towards achievement of sales target of south region. Chief responsibilities pertain to Strategic Planning, Business Development, Distribution, Receivable Management, Client Relationship Management, Operation management and Marketing. Establishing relations and generating sales from the therapeutic segments of, Dermatology, Gynecology, Anti-infectives, OTC.
Mar-04-Mar’05 as Oberig ltd, Director of customs and logistics-Odessa ( Ukraine)

Handling the process of import of pharmaceutical»s till the delivery of goods at custom warehouse. To solve issues with customs department and to build-up relationship in manner to get new guidelines as per new rules and regulations.


Feb’02-feb’04 as Regional Sales Manager- Odessa ( Ukraine)

Responsible for sales of  pharmaceutical durgs in the south region of Ukraine through medical stores   and sub- distributors. Appointed new MSR»s to increase the sales and to from a good and result oriented team. Achieved growth in sales .





· M.B.B.S 1995-2001 Odessa state medical university, Ukraine.

· Russian language course 1994-1995 Odessa polytechnic university.




Date of Birth: March 12’ 1977

         Marital Status : Married

         Current Address: 77/505,Babur Street,Tashkent,Uzbekistan


Ukraine Address : Acd . Williamsa 50/1 flat: 55

Language Proficiency: Well versed with English, Russian,Ukrainian, Hindi and Punjabi.




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